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2016 SUMMER TRAVEL CAMP REGISTRATION (8/16/16 - 8/30/16)

REGISTER -> Summer Travel Camp

Membership Registration Form and Payment

Submit Member Registration Form below for each member, submit, and make the initial $300 payment with credit card. Thank you.

The $300 initial payment will be used to hold your space and to make arrangements for the trip. 

We will follow up with more information and also about the payment of the remainder of the total fees.

Fee Breakdown:

$900 - Plane tickets

$750 - For 2 weeks of hotel and food and any entrance tickets, etc.

$1,650 - Total Fee - Regular (Not registered in 2015-2016 September to June YBL season)

$1,350 for registered YBL members (registered in 2015-2016 September to June) or parent chaperones.

$600 total for high school YBL volunteers and team members.


Skills Development Clinic starts at 5 years old.

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