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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Where is the gym located?


SEPTEMBER - JUNE (30 weeks total)

Nathaniel Hawthorne - Middle School 74

61-15 Oceania Street Oakland Gardens, NY 11364


PS 162

201-02 53rd Avenue

Queens, NY 11364


P.S. 162 - Air conditioned gym

201-02 53rd Avenue Oakland Gardens, NY 11364



P.S. 162 - Air conditioned gym

201-02 53rd Avenue Oakland Gardens, NY 11364


Question: When are the classes?

Answer: Please refer to the schedule page. SCHEDULE


Question: Are there make up classes?

Answer: Yes, Skills Development Clinic you must submit a Make Up Request Form on the schedule page of our website. All make ups must be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to the make up date.

There are no make up classes for the 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 leagues.

Make up classes are not guaranteed. Make ups are only approved if there is space in the class. If classes are already full make up requests will be denied. We suggest requesting make ups as early as possible but please do not request a make up if you are not sure you will attend. 


Question: How do I register?

Answer: To register please go to the REGISTRATION PAGE and submit membership form online and receive an email receipt after credit card online payment.


Question: Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Answer: Yes, we will give a full refund minus a $20 processing fee if you let us know before the 2nd week of class. By the 2nd week of classes no refunds will be offered with the exception of injuries or medical reason with a doctor's note excusing you from sport and exercise.


Question: What is the difference between League Games and Skills Development Clinic?

Answer: The Skills Development Clinic is mostly drills and fundamentals in stations while League Games are playing live games. We have evaluations and a draft to create teams and they play games against each other in our league.


Question: Do they play games in the Skills Development Clinic?

Answer: Yes, some of the stations includes games. The younger children will play mostly mini games (steal the bacon, shooting games, dribbling games, etc.) the older kids may play 3 on 3 half court game and possibly 5 on 5 full court games.


Question: Is the program for both girls and boys?

Answer: Yes, the Skills Development Clinic is coed. Although, we do not have a girls league at the moment. Girls are welcome to play with boys in the leagues as well. 


Question: I have friends interested how do I make sure I get the referral discount?

Answer: When you submit the registration form, please put down the name of your friend's child that referred you or you have referred to the program. Friend must also be registered in the current season.


Question: Can I register or pay the first day when the new season starts?

Answer: We DO NOT recommend registering or paying on the first day. Spaces are limited and every season we run out of space when people try to register or make payment on the first day. All registrations still have to be made through the website even on the first day. 


Questions: Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

Answer: Yes, parents are welcome to stay and watch but if we need to use the space, we may ask parents to move to the side.


Question: I already registered. What do I do?

Answer: Thank you for registering. You do not have to do anything. We will send you an email before the season starts. Please check your email and make sure it is not going into the spam folder. If you register late, we will not send you the email. Just come to the next class if you are a late registration. 


Question: Do I have to bring anything? basketball?

Answer: No, you do not need to bring your own basketball. We have all equipment ready. Please just come in basketball sneakers, shorts, and t-shirt and maybe a water bottle and small towel. If your child has asthma please make sure to have an inhaler with you at every gym session. 

Skills Development Clinic starts at 5 years old.

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