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To register please click on the link to the season you are enrolling in. (Sept - June, Summer Season, Summer Camp) After clicking the link please submit the Membership Registration Form and make the payment with credit card. Thank you.


FREE WELCOME PACKAGE for all new members. (One time only)

  • YBL book bag

  • YBL BPA free water bottle

  • YBL reversible uniform jersey set (top and bottom)


To register you must:
Submit the Member Registration Form online for each member. Make sure to click "submit" and make credit card payment on the next page.


Sibling and referral discounts will be refunded to your credit card.

Membership fee refunds available before the 2nd week of class with a $20 processing fee.

By the 2nd week of class, no refunds will be offered with the exception of injuries or medical reasons (doctor's note required excusing the player from sport and exercise).

Summer Camp refunds are available before the 2nd day of camp. A prorated amount will be refunded before the 2nd day of camp. By the 2nd day of camp we do not offer any credits or refunds for the summer camp unless doctor's note are provided.

Skills Development Clinic starts at 5 years old.

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