Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 4PM (Late pick up available until 8 PM)

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Membership Registration Form and Payment

Submit Member Registration Form below for each member, submit, and make payment with credit card. Thank you.


7/8/19 - 8/16/19

P.S. 162 John Golden (201-02 53rd Avenue Queens, NY 11364)


8/26/19 - 8/30/19

M.S. 216 - Ryan Middle School (64-20 175th Street Fresh Meadows, NY 11365)

2019 All Day Summer Camp (7/8/19 - 8/30/19 Monday - Friday)

MEMBERSHIP FEE: $250 for 1st member for the 1st week.

$200 for each additional sibling. $50 refund to credit card after registering.
$200 for each additional week. $50 refund to credit card after registering.

Please submit one form for each child.

All discounts will be refunded to your credit card after registering. (Sibling, referral, additional weeks)


Lunch for the week - Additional $50

Referral Discount: $50 off for each friend referred. Friend also receives $50 off.

Sibling Discount: $50 off for each additional sibling.

Multiple Weeks Discount: $50 off for each additional week of summer camp. 

Sibling registering for multiple weeks is still $200. 

<<<CALL 917-455-0201 TO ADD LATE PICK UP UNTIL 8 PM>>>

Late Pick Up (4PM - 8PM) - Additional $100 per week 
* Lateness policy - If your child is not registered for late pick up, and you are late, there will be a fee of $100.